Guide to interpreting Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography – edizione 2010

Guide to interpreting Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography Edizione 2010 Optical coherence tomography (OCD is an essential tool for diagnosing and managing retinal diseases and glaucoma. In this handbook, which features detailed schematic illustrations as well as actual OCT scans, we ojfer a step-by-step guide for interpreting images and data acquired by the revolutionary and […]

Imaging the eye from front to back

Imaging the eye from front to back with RTVue Fourier-Domain – Optical Coherence Tomography Optical coherence tomography, or OCT, has come a long way since its initial introduction in the ophthalmic market in 1996. Initially, OCT was slow and had limited functions, just like first—generation computers. There was a lack of software to help the […]

Clinical En Face OCT Atlas

About the Book Clinical en face OCT atlas is the fruit of a worldwide collaboration between clinical teams from Europe (Italy, France, Great Britain and Spain), America (USA, Brazil and Canada) and Asia (China and India). This atlas discusses the new aspects of clinical en face imaging. First part of the atlas expresses the principles […]

Practical Handbook of OCT

Retina, Choroid, Glaucoma Practical Handbook of OCT discusses the logical method of analysis and interpretation of the clinical images to help and guide the clinician in assessing, classifying and selecting OCT information, to make correct diagnosis and prevent interpretation errors. After explaining the analysis and synthesis method it describes separately the elementary OCT lesions. Then […]

Le degenerazioni maculari e le nuove terapie

Terapie Fotodinamica, Termoterapia transpillare, e del trattamento del freeder vessel Informazioni per i pazienti del Centro Mediterraneo di Diagnostica Oculistica e di Trattamento Laser Argon Laser, Argon verde, Laser Krypton rosso, Yag Laser, Laser ad Eccimeri, Campimetria computerizzata, Microperimetria, Ecobiometria, Ecografia, Angiografia al verde di Indocianina, Fluoroangiografia PCT, OCT, Terapia Foto dinamica, Termoterapia Transpupillare Via […]

Clinical Guide to Angio-OCT

Non Invasive, Dyeless OCT Angiography Optical Coherence Tomography is an imaging technique which produces 3D images of the tissues of the eye. The Clinical Guide to Angio-OCT: Non Invasive, Dyeless OCT Angiography presents the principles of Angio-OCT, discusses its clinical possibilities and demonstrates its clinical utility to the everyday OCT user. Divided into eleven chapters, […]

Clinical OCT Angiography Atlas (Inglese)

Clinical OCT Angiography Atlas is a comprehensive guide to this important new imaging modality in ophthalmology. The book is divided into two parts; the first covers the technology and interpretation of OCT angiography, the second covers the study of diseases and disorders using OCT angiography. The second part is further divided into seven sections which […]

Guida Pratica all’Angio OCT

Angiografia OCT non invasiva, senza coloranti Uno degli argomenti più importanti nel campo della retina medica, in questo momento, è l’angiografia OCT. L’interesse sta crescendo sempre di più e viene discusso nei Congressi dedicati alla retina. Parecchi strumenti di angiografia OCT sono stati sviluppati, ma soltanto una apparecchiatura è attualmente reperibile clinicamente. L’angiografia OCT è […]

OCT – Novità cliniche

New Developments in Clinical OCTs OCT – Novità Cliniche 7 luglio 2007 – Congress Center Villa Pamphili Meeting Organizers Rosario Brancato (Milan), Marc De Smet (Amsterdam), Bruno Lumbroso (Rome), Richard Rosen (New York) Coordinator Claudio Azzolini (Varese) English and Italian Languages Lingue ufficiali Inglese ed Italiano con traduzione simultanea Congress Center Villa Pamphili – Via […]