Clinical En Face OCT Atlas

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Clinical en face OCT atlas is the fruit of a worldwide collaboration between clinical teams from Europe (Italy, France, Great Britain and Spain), America (USA, Brazil and Canada) and Asia (China and India). This atlas discusses the new aspects of clinical en face imaging.

First part of the atlas expresses the principles of en face OCT, the anatomy of retina and choroid, elementary lesions, great syndromes, and basic sign association from en face perspective.

The second part is a clinical update on en face imaging in retina and choroid diseases and disorders. In the third part of the atlas, prominent scientists describe technological and scientific OCT evolution and show the possible future clinical applications.

Atlas addresses a vast audience and describes how to diagnose diseases and plan surgery for a variety of disorders. This atlas gives a timely answer to a widely felt clinical need.

Bruno Lumbroso
David Huang
Andre Romano
Marco Rispoli
Gabriel Coscas
James G Fujimoto